Life Development Content

Improving your life for the better has never been so easy. Our coaching and personal development content comprises a diverse mix of intellectual material, including blogs, books, graphics, audios, videos, movies, courses, and other forms of mixed media. Browse through our extensive range of offerings, available through all major venues, both online and in the real world, to explore ideas from hundreds of themes, including: the human mind, personal and organizational development, self-improvement, communication, conflict management, interpersonal skills, life skills, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and much more.

Content Partnerships: We believe that education can drive unparalleled, life-altering impact. We invite content creators, including writers, bloggers, speakers, artistes, composers, musicians, actors, producers, photographers, videographers, and other professionals, as well as their associated organizations, with an interest in Humanity Development and Life Improvement to explore partnering with us. Together, we can co-create and co-publish education-related content in the form of books, e-books, audio podcasts, video interviews and discussions, music- and film-related content, online courses, content eligible for copyright, trademark, or patent registrations, and other media formats. Our jointly developed work, distributed through multiple online and real-world channels, will have the ability to positively impact and enhance a great number of lives. Our content partnership model is based on revenue-sharing amongst content creators, as well as with content promoters.

Content creators and promoters wishing to discuss content ideas and help develop or promote any of our mixed media material may reach us through our Application Form.